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October 6, 2009 / Shrikant Patil

WireFrame Builder : A Tool for creating flex wire frames

I have learning flex 4.0 SDK, i thought to instead go on reading and working on small examples, it is better to create a best application using flex 4.0 SDK. The result is an AIR Application “WireFrameBuilder” using Flex 4.0 (note: Flex 4.0 SDK is still under development. The content may change accordingly). Here is the link where you can grab the tool installer :

Note that the tool is still under development. Tool is only intended to show the power and features of Flex 4.0.

I will update the Tool as i go on development process. Please comment on the tool and suggestions for features to be included.



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  1. Jason / Jan 9 2010 10:23 am

    I like the WireFrame Builder you made, I think it would be good to have label rollovers on the images, just so you know what they all are. Are you going to be adding a panel to it any time soon?

    • Shrikant Patil / Jan 11 2010 5:55 am

      Thanks for your comment,
      I am still developing the Wireframe Builder App.
      In a day or two i am going to put next version of the app with lots more options; like;
      1. Multiple pages
      2.PDF export of each page.
      3.shortcut keys for toolbox
      4. complete working edit toolbar like cut,copy,paste etc
      5. More elegant theme.

      Wait and have look……..

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